What exactly is the medicine Sibutril 15mg used for? – Sibutril 15mg is a tablet which is mostly  used in treating obesity. Obesity occurs when excess fat accumulates in your body. This drug is a most favored medicine that burns fat a fast speed and provides you with quick relief from obesity.

Is more time required to work on generic drugs to? – The effect of these drugs do not stay in the body for long. It is for this reason that the high amount of generic drug is prescribed so as to increase the amount of drug in the body. Generic drug actually starts to work after a certain level of concentration,.

Is the sale of prescription drugs on the Internet legal? – For your information other than the narcotic drugs or other highly regulated, these drugs are legally safe. The drugs which are sold online are perfectly legal as long as they are prescribed by a licensed physician. We purchase all our drugs from a legitimate Pharma wholesaler, or directly from the manufacturer. It is for this reason that you be assured that you will be provided with only legitimate and high quality medicines.

Why are your medicines cheaper than the branded version? – Since these are Generic Drugs which contain the same active ingredient as that of that of the branded companies. A drug company can hold the patent rights to manufacture the drug even after twenty years of its discovery.

On expiration of the patent protection law, other companies can easily make these drugs with the same active ingredient.

These generic medicines work similar to the brand-name products and are considerably cheaper. The reason behind them is that the research and advertising costs for generic drugs are comparatively cheaper. Almost all the health insurers encourage you to take generic drug only unless if it is medically safe.

What are your privacy and security policies ?-  When you come to us as a customer then you can rest assured that for us your privacy and security are very important. We make it a point not to share your vital information with anyone. Our website makes it a point to use industry standard security measures, including SS as well as the encrypted order form to request information. Only after that is the product transaction concluded.

As a matter of our internal transaction we do however collect email addresses, shipping information and credit card information to us for your order and delivery to our customers, all this information will be treated as confidential. We make it a point to enter this information into our certified and secure network. The entire transaction data are stored in our secure and encrypted database. We never distribute our information with any third parties outside of our network. All account information submitted to us will be safely protected from unauthorized parties.

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